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Live on Purpose with Passion

It is nothing worse to wake up in the morning and begrudgingly get out of bed dreading to go to a job that you do not like. I have too been in that position where I was in a job that I did not enjoy and had no passion for, but did the job merely because I was required to do it. However, I have learned that we must chase out what ignites that fire in us, for what is life without passion and purpose.

My passion has always been to educate and mentor youth, and I can remember graduating from the US Naval Academy (USNA) envisioning my dream job to come back and teach at my alma mater. I wanted to be in a position to give to the midshipmen what was given to me by the faculty and staff at USNA to include the cafeteria servers, tailors, hairdressers, track coaches, professors, military mentors, and so many more. I had a lot of people who supported me while I was a midshipman, and my passion was to come back to USNA and be that support.

A little over nine years after graduation I finally had my opportunity to live out my purpose as I was accepted into the Junior Permanent Military Professor Program at USNA where I am permanently assigned as a military professor until my 20 year retirement. When initially selected for my current position, I was asked by my mentors if I was sure that I wanted to take the position for I would be going on a path that would make further promotion quite difficult. Without hesitation, I knew the ability to fulfill my purpose was more valuable than another promotion in the Navy.

This year my mentors’ sentiments came true as I was not selected for CDR in the Navy because my current position is not ideal for me to be competitive amongst my peers. However, when not seeing my name on the list this year, I had to remind myself that I am living out the purpose God placed in me which is the opportunity I have to shape and impact our future Naval and Marine Corps officers at the Naval Academy through teaching and mentoring. I am living out my purpose, and doing it with passion.

I challenge you to really think about your life, and what in your life are you doing because it looks good, but deep down inside you have no desire for it. Now what is stopping you from pursuing the thing that you dream of? Is it lack of faith, disbelief in yourself, or just plain old fear?


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