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Road Cycling Gear Essentials

A few weeks ago, I bought a road bike! The funny thing is when I told a friend, they mentioned that now I would have to buy gloves, bike shorts, a bike pump, and the list kept expanding. However, while they were rattling off the list of things I needed, I tuned them out because I thought to myself, I have a helmet, so I’m good.

On my first ride, I quickly realized I should have listened to my friend's recommendations as I was uncomfortable in my seat, my hands were slipping, and I was dehydrated because I did not have the essential gear. Because I am a good friend, and want to pass on the knowledge to my Village, here is a list of the essential gear you will need after you buy your road cycling bike:

1. Helmet: My friend did not have to tell me to get this item because safety is paramount to me, but I am shocked as to the number of people on the trail who do not wear a helmet. If you do not get any other gear I mention below, I ask that you get a helmet. Here are some options:

2. Padded Bike Shorts/Pants: My first ride was extremely uncomfortable, and understood why my friend mentioned padded bike shorts/underwear. This is essential road bike gear to make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable:

I prefer capri pants, so here is an option below.

You can also get padded underwear to wear under your pants/shorts of choice.

Also, here are some traditional bike shorts as seen here.

3. Gloves: Your hands can become slippery due to sweating, sot the gloves ensure you keep your grip. Also, the gloves have gel for comfort because in my experience of my first bike ride without gloves my hands became sore . I love these gloves!

4. Bike Bell: On a lot of trails there are walkers/runners, so you can say passing on your left, but the bell is a great way to also alert other riders/walker/runners that you are behind them.

5. Bike Pump: You should have a floor bike pump as shown below


I also recommend this pump you can mount on your bike to have on your ride in the case of an emergency and it also as a repair kit.

6. Water Bottle Mount: Hydration is important, so recommend grabbing a water bottle mount and a insulated water bottle.

7. Bike Rack: I have a three bike rack for my car as I plan to take my children. Here is few bike rack options for different vehicle types at this link.

8. Fanny Pack/Pouch: I also wear a fanny pack to carry my phone, keys, and other items. Check out some fanny pack options here!




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