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Back to School

The kids are back to school and their at home learning schedule is pretty manageable, but I will be transparent that the challenge has been getting them back into a routine. There are daily discussions as to why PS4 time is limited, bedtime is 9 pm, why cameras must be turned on, and the list goes on. I ended week one mentally exhausted, and realizing that I needed to re-establish order in my home. Here is what I am doing:

Set Expectations. I set expectations for my kids to include online presence and bedtime routine.

Here are my expectations for my tweens for their online classroom presence:

  • Be at your desk seated 5-10 minutes prior to the start time of class with the google meet code available.

  • Cameras on to fully engage in the online learning.

  • You cannot be on a bed or lying down when on the online learning as I have created an organized workspace for them.

Here are my expectations for bedtime:

  • Everyone should be in their bed by 9 pm, so starting at 8:30 pm they are to end all activities and commence their bedtime routine.

Unplug. I unplug their electronics to include the PS4 and firestick during the school day, and they are given these electronic privileges once their daily classes, work, and 30 minutes of reading are complete. I also end electronic time at 8:30 pm so they can meet the 9 pm bedtime expectation.

Verify. Thank goodness for online platforms like can Canva, and I go in and monitor their performance in their classes, and check the status of their work. To create personal responsibility, I have them go online and physically write down what assignments. They also must show me they are complete. Also, try my calendar method I used last school year! Verify, verify, verify.

Set Standards. Hold them to standards such as timeliness, responsiveness, and follow-up. I try to urge them that being even one minute late to logging in is not acceptable. Also, being a full participant in the online learning answering questions or asking for clarification. I also ensure they understand good communication skills. For example, when my daughter had a doctor’s appointment and was going to miss class, I had her send her teacher an email prior to

My kids are funny because they said they are not in the Navy, but honestly they are on my ship and they are my division in which I am responsible for ensuring they have the support and tools necessary for them to perform and ultimately accomplish our household/ship mission of a successful school year. If you are reading this, you may not be a parent, but honestly the SUVS can apply to your workplace if you are leading employees and even we should apply them to ourselves. I know for myself, I am not 100 percent perfect in managing my kids or even applying the SUVS to my work life, but I believe that it is important to acknowledge our mistakes/shortcomings/areas of needed improvement, learn from them, and make efforts to not repeat it or get better.


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