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Beach Please!

Single mom in the summer is over, and I was not going to send my kids back to school without their toes touching sand at a real beach before school went back in session! Growing up I can count on one hand the number of times I went to the beach, and honestly my kids passed that number many years ago.

The beach is definitely our happy place, so no traditional summer vacation this year, but we live close enough to the beach to make a day trip out of it! Yes we are still in a pandemic, but social distancing and safety is definitely doable at the beach. Even if you do not have kids, I urge you to sneak in a beach trip prior to saying goodbye to summer. It is such a great form of self care to just see water, relax, and rest.

What you need before going:

  1. Sunscreen: Protect that skin and reapply often. I and my children have learned the lesson that even melanated skin burns. Check out my favorite sunscreen here!

  2. Beach chairs, umbrella, and blanket: My kids and I love to stay out for hours, so a shaded and comfortable area is a must. We also choose a spot where I can see them as they play in the ocean, and also socially distant from most. I recommend arriving early in the morning to choose a spot, and speak up if others are trying to plot too close to you. Here is a set beach chair and umbrella set here! Blanket too!

  3. Pack your own lunch! On the night before, I typically freeze a lot of water bottles to add to the bottom of my cooler along with ice packs. I pack homemade sandwiches, fruit, and snacks like chips and nuts for us to enjoy. Ice cooler with wheels here!

  4. Masks. Masks are not required on the beach, but we definitely wore them transiting to our location. Masks are required in the boardwalk, and most people are compliant. Check out some cute styles here!

  5. Activities. I love to bring a book, adult coloring books, and even some portable board games. Consider bringing a Frisbee or volleyball.


Beach chair and umbrella set:



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