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Last month, my first born child turned 13 years old, who I call A1 aka Amara! At the start of the pandemic I would tell her to be hopeful that things would return back to normal so we could have a big celebration for her milestone birthday of 13! However, as we approached December, that appeared to not be the case, so she asked for a birthday photoshoot.

My first thought was, “child please, you are asking for too much!” However, I had to remember that this year has not only been challenging for me, but also my children! Therefore, I gave A1 her wish, and made the photoshoot happen as the financier and she was the creative director! A1 is so creative and organized which is what I love about her because she definitely keeps me straight because I am the Queen of procrastination! A photoshoot for her birthday turned out to be a great idea, and this is how we (mainly A1) put it all together:

  1. Find a reputable photographer and schedule them early to receive photos in time for her date of the birthday. A1 wanted to share with family and friends on social media her photos, so we secured a bomb photographer, Danielle Flowers, owner of Amber Iris Photography!

  2. Create a Pinterest board for inspiration for the outfit (links below), hair, backdrop, and shots you want the photographer to capture.

  3. Order supplies and outfit early! Amara created a note with the items she needed me to purchase which was a great way for us to keep track of the list.

  4. Come up with a shot list of the different images and poses you want to capture. She mainly had individual shots, but we did have a few family shots, so make sure you coordinate outfits if you plan for that.

  5. Lastly, let your child have fun with it! Be their hype person affirming them to ensure their confidence shows out!

Here are some of the beautiful shots captured:


Sequin Top:


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