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Be Intentional

Today is the first day of the semester at the US Naval Academy. This is my fifth year of teaching in what I consider my dream job where I am fulfilling my purpose! Things are quite different this semester as I will be teaching virtually. I had the option to teach in person, but with my kids doing virtual school until late January I had no choice but to teach remotely.

I will say that I miss seeing my students and giving some students welcome back hugs. I miss hearing about their summer training and what they are considering for their service assignment, i.e. their job in the Navy or Marine Corps after they graduate.

That human connection with my students is what I miss the most, but COVID has taught me that you have to be more intentional. So no in person greetings or chats for now, but intentional virtual interaction. Remember, when COVID first started where Zoom calls were fun and so much needed. Guess what those texts, calls, and zoom chats are still needed. There are many people who live alone and are still working from home. There are even empty nesters who nervously sent their kids away to college during a pandemic. There is that person who got divorced right before the pandemic that had to grieve a divorce and learn how to live alone. The list goes on, but if we all sit down and reflect on our circle there are people in our lives that need us to be intentional about communicating and the assurance that they are not alone.

Here are ways I challenge you to Be Intentional:

  1. Take a few minutes and reflect on a list of people you have not connected with or heard from since the start of the pandemic. It could be a coworker, friend, family member, associate, etc. Think of ways you can connect with them!

  2. Schedule time where you will communicate with one person every day or every other day for at least 15-30 minutes. If can be phone, text, video chat, or even a letter via email or mail. I challenge you that you likely have time if you look at your social media usage for that could be where you sacrifice that time for a noble purpose.

  3. Identify your gift you have that you would like to share whether its dance, DJing, book reading, cooking, fitness, or even poetry, and schedule a virtual meeting to share this gift with others. This will be purposeful community building which will make people more inclined to join if it interests them!

  4. There are many non-profit organizations that need support for their online programming, so it could be something as simple as reading a book for my friend non-profit Service after Service Inc for their virtual book slam. Conduct a search in your local area for organizations that may need your help whether its doing tutoring for children or even no contact delivery of food like at Food For All DC.

Be intentional because there is someone who needs it and you could be the reason someone chooses life!


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