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Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

We all were once our daughter’s age, and at my daughter’s age, I can distinctly remember disliking my mom’s fashion choices for me. Growing up in a conservative Christian home, showing skin was like a sin (laugh). However, now as a mother I do understand my mother’s attempt to ensure my fashion and even hairstyles were appropriate for my age. However, as a Millennial Mom, I have struggled between the skin is sin mentality, and ensuring my daughter does not have the idea that dressing modestly will protect her from sexual harassment and violence for there are documented instances where we know it does not.

Honestly, I think my challenge as her mom is to ensure that as her body is changing that she has a positive body image. We know we either were the girl or knew the girl that wore the big sweatshirts to hide her breasts as she started puberty. As a growing teenage girl, that was not what I struggled with, but rather being skinny and lacking the curves which in my Southern culture was predicated as highly desirable even back in the 90s.

I sat back to think why my tween and I were disagreeing over teenage fashion whether two piece vs one piece bathing suits or board shorts vs 4 inch seam shorts? I reflected on what fashion tips for a teenage girl I would tell myself when I was her age. The messaging I want to give tween girl is clothing, hair, and makeup are just enhancements of your beauty. Your true beauty comes from within and to love your body and the many forms it will take! Trends come and go, so be the trend and wear what is a true expression of who you are as a person!

Check out my tween's cart to update her summer fashion wardrobe at this link, and follow me while you are there!

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Mariah J
Mariah J
Sep 12, 2021

Thank yoou


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