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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year! I have seen a lot of social media posts ridiculing 2020. In fact one of my children asked, "Why are we celebrating the end of 2020?” I replied because you are alive to see it and told my child that there are children who died from COVID or have parents or other loved ones die from COVID. I know myself that I have friends, students, colleagues who have had close loved ones not make it to see the New Year. I am thankful my loved ones who had COVID survived, and a pray for those who cannot say the same.

2020 definitely had its twists and turns, but it had so many lessons. I have experienced some pretty traumatic things in my life as I am sure we all have, but I have always found the lesson in the struggle, pain or loss. The point in in our lives when we see the value in the struggle/pain/loss will be at different for everyone; some immediately and some years later. Perhaps you see the lesson of 2020 now or maybe you may realize it years later, and that’s ok. However, I can assure you that there was a purpose for 2020 for all of us.

You didn’t survive 2020, but you thrived 2020! I am grateful for your support in 2020, and hope that together in 2021 we can Beautifully Live and Gracefully Thrive! I wish you and yours blessings, peace, prosperity in 2020! I urge you to hold tightly to hope and remember to extend yourself grace and to others too!


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