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Thrifty Thursday: At Home Nail & Feet Grooming

Being a woman in uniform, my nails are what I love to get done. Well COVID and the US Navy’s continued COVID restrictions which prohibit me from going to nail and hair salons, I am trying this at home nail routine. At the beginning of COVID, I had gel nails, but ordered some remover since I could not go to the nail salon for my biweekly manicure.

When COVID continued longer than planned, and now with the restrictions on me as a military service member, I had to get my at home nail salon together and it has saved me money! It is amazing how COVID has made me thrifty in so many areas such as my grooming, that honestly I may never go back to nail salon.

Here is the rundown of what I do for my nails and feet grooming:

Nail routine

I paint my nails about every 10 days removing the polish at day 7 to give my nails a 3 day break.

I paint my nails with Olive and June of which I discovered while being home during COVID. What I love is that it is basic nail polish, its seven-free, and it lasts for at least seven days. I am a little lazy in a step where they recommend applying a top coat every other day which would likely make my nails last longer. I will say using regular nail polish my nails are much healthier, and when I used gel I would find my nail tech recommending a break from the gel because my nails would become very dry and brittle.

The kit comes with a few colors, manicure tools, and directions on how to use everything. Olive and June often go live on their IG channel to give manicure tips and they even have a bootcamp coming up.

Feet Routine

As for my feet, I give myself a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. I luckily had a foot soak bath, but you can grab one here. I turn on my TV, and soak my feet in Epsom salt with lavender scent. Afterwards I use a foot file I got here, and I have always avoided the cheese grater. I then use the Olive and June set and then nightly I apply Recovery Butter to my feet because my feet can become very dry.

Honestly, my at home nail and feet grooming routine has saved me a lot of money, and it is also something I can do with my daughter which is great! My son even wants to soak his feet because it is quite relaxing.

Again, on this Thrifty Thursday, I hope this is a way you can save money, and maybe even do some self-care especially if you cannot or do not desire to go to the nail salon! Here are the links to the items I use, so maybe you can save some coins too:

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