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Who Said Coloring Is Just For Kids!

I am an extrovert and love to be out and about doing something all the time. I will be honest to say that is my way of avoiding what I am truly feeling which is never a good thing. Like many of you all reading this COVID stopped my busy body self in my tracks, and I have really had to face my inner thoughts I have avoided because I am in the house living, working, teaching all on repeat. It actually reminds me of my Navy Deployment because during COVID we are on Deployment from Normal.

As I have been on this deployment from normal and required to face these thoughts and feelings I have especially increased my devotion time on the YouVersion app, and one devotion I did was Broken Crayons Still Color. This devotion reminded me that “God transforms our brokenness into something more beautiful than we can even imagine.” I unfortunately have a lot of trauma in my life, and this devotion was transformative in reminding me that despite the trauma God is using it all for my good and turning my story into a beautiful masterpiece.

After finishing the devotion, I was inspired to pick up some adult coloring books and add coloring to my self care routine. Warning adult coloring books are not like kids coloring books, the pictures are so intricately designed to force you to focus and pay attention to detail with every stroke within the image. I literally can spend at least one hour coloring one page in the adult coloring book, but during that time I think, pray, unpack my thoughts, and afterwards I feel so at ease. For me adult coloring books are for relaxation and reduce my stress and anxiety because I am focused and am present in the moment.

Adult coloring books have done wonders for my mental health especially during this pandemic. If you need some ways to reduce stress and to relax, I challenge you to pick up some adult coloring books and use them as a part of your self care routine. I bought the Verses for Women, Abide, and Psalms in Color Coloring Books. My favorite coloring pencils are Color Escapes. You can check out other adult coloring books here.

Happy Coloring,

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