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Military Moms

The pandemic has allowed families to spend more time together, but others still have to leave their families each and everyday because they are essential. However, I want to highlight that some deployments for our military members have been extended due to the pandemic. The US Navy aircraft carrier, HARRY S. TRUMAN and its escorts the guided-missile destroyers FORREST SHERMAN, FARRAGUT, and LASSEN, as well as the guided-missile cruiser NORMANDY have been ordered to remain at sea despite the close of their eight month deployment. When I heard of this news, it made me flash back to my Mother’s Day 2014 where I was deployed on the guided-missile destroyers, USS NITZE.

I can remember all the crew members wishing every mom a Happy Mother’s Day. In fact, our CO took command that day, and although it was a big day for her to assume command of a multi-million dollar warship, I am sure she wished she could have spent Mother’s day with her young child and husband. I too can remember that despite getting that spark of joy when getting that Happy Mother’s Day greeting, I still had an aching feeling that my kids were at home with my husband at the time growing and developing without me. In fact, one thing that stands out to me is that my daughter who when I deployed could barely read, was typing to me on Facebook messenger at least every other day. Service members make so many sacrifices, but those who are called Mom and Dad who deploy to protect our country miss moments with their children that they will never get back. I can say this because on more days in a year, I have not been able to tuck my two kids into bed or answer the call for Mom.

I salute all parents who are currently deployed, but especially the mothers. Wherever you are in the world and cannot be with the very beings that allowed you to be called Mother, I salute you my fellow military mom. I salute you for your sacrifices even when you are not on deployment because serving as a military service member and parenting as a mother is often a job not many will ever understand. I write this note of thanks to you!


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