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My Kids Made Me Go Natural!

If you are a parent like me, I tried initially to use popular products for my children like the baby lotion in the pink bottle. However, my kids have very sensitive skin and suffer from eczema! Thus this began a search for natural products that helped heal their eczema and also keep their skin moisturized.

My go to for their skin is Recovery Butter which the main ingredient is Shea Butter and other oils. We use it unscented, but if you need fragrance you could add your own essential oil! Recovery Butter keeps my skin and my kids' skin nourished and smooth!

After I tackled their skin, I found myself at the point where my kids needed deodorant, and I immediately opted for big name brands, but the aluminum-based brands left my children's armpits black and cracked. Thanks to my Naturalista and BFF, Shannon (check out her site!), I came across a natural deodorant called Play Pits! Unlike other natural deodorants I do not have to reapply like other natural brands, and everyone to include myself is smelling fresh and the pits are definitely free from irritation! I buy the family pack that offers three different scents!

Confronting my kids’ skin sensitivity resulted in me also using natural products for myself! Recovery Butter and Play Pits are my go to for my kids and myself, and they are also small owned businesses you can support!

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