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Online learning for my children’s school has begun this week! Yes, they were delayed, but one thing I can appreciate about my county is that they do not assume everyone’s ability to adapt to online learning is created equal for both teachers and students. They took the time to train and equip teachers, and also ensure students with technological limitations were given an equal chance to succeed in this online environment. Whether online learning has already started or is about to start for your child here is a organization method I have used for myself and my family:

  1. If you have a poster board, I recommend creating a weekly chart with a Monday-Friday column and a completed column.

  2. Sit down with your family and write down all the assignments and the meeting times for each class. If you have sticky notes, use one color for virtual check-ins and one for assignments. I also include household chores too.

  3. Place the sticky notes on the appropriate column and once the assignment/check-in is complete place them in the completed column.

  4. Check or quality control the work in the completed column, and move back to a column if rework needs to be done.

  5. Have a daily check-in with your kids to gauge their status of the day and also to ensure they understand the next day's activities/assignments.

  6. If assignments are not going to be completed on time, help your child communicate that to their teacher with a reason why it is late, and also a corrective action and date it will be turned in. I say avoid this at all possible to avoid work piling up.

  7. Lastly breath and do the best you can!


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