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Polymer Clay Earrings

The latest trends I am absolutely in love with are polymer clay earrings. A friend of mine sent me the Instagram of BR Design who are two black women who are sisters, and they handmade these gorgeous designs. In fact, I shared their company in my Buy Black blog.

So what are polymer clay earrings? They are handmade earrings made of polymer clay that you can actually purchase in your local craft store or even Amazon. The clay is then shaped, painted or decorated, and then actually baked in the oven. I actually discovered some really great DIY YouTube videos that I will try with my daughter.

What I love most about the polymer clay earrings are they are so lightweight even the bigger drop earrings. In my obsession with these earrings I have discovered so many different artists because their designs are so unique and creative. Here are a few of my favorites, and I can vouch for BR Design , and Be Kind Ramae , Paper Papayas, and IAMGEMOCRACY because I have designs from them all, and they are also black owned!!


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