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Self-Care during COVID

After weeks of being home during COVID, one day I found myself in tears because I was burnt out. Traffic and the plethora of after school activities are no longer a part of my daily routine, but my plate has been filled with homeschooling, increased cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on. I realized that I needed to take time to be alone with myself and my thoughts. I encourage you also to do the same and here are four easy steps to CARE for yourself :

Communicate openly to your family that you are about to take part in your alone time.

Avoid disturbances like social media, texts, phone calls, but actually just be alone to yourself in your own thoughts.

Release every worry, negative thought, fear, and anything that does not give you peace after you have acknowledged them and the source.

Enjoy the time alone and do not feel guilty for you will be able to give more to those you love when you take care of yourself first!

These days self-care is more critical than ever, but self-care irregardless of the state of the world is always important. Take some alone time, so you can better care for those you love!


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