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Tip Tuesday: Get Outdoors & Vineyards Are Great Options!

It is summer time and one of the greatest memories from my childhood is summers with my great-grandparents , and the memories of being outside especially running through their land with my siblings or cousins. To this day, I love being outdoors especially in the summer time. There are so many options to get outdoors such as hiking trails, bike riding, and my newly discovered outdoor space are vineyards. Vineyards are an outdoor space that I thought was unique to California, but in doing some research there are so many in my area, and due to their open land it is a safe space for me to socially get outdoors. Here are some tips if you decide you want to go to a vineyard:

Do your research. I like to look up the following:

  1. The types of wines that the vineyard offers. I prefer sweet wine, so look at the wine menu to determine if that is the type of wine they make.

  2. What you are allowed to bring in for some only allow food, and no beverages to include water? Also, can you bring in tents/chairs?

  3. What food options offered life charcuterie boards and even food trucks?

  4. What amenities does the space have like shaded sitting areas or picnic tables?

  5. Are kids allowed?

  6. Are reservations required?

Prepare. If you are able to bring your own food which most allow, I like to pack snacks and maybe a sandwich/salad. Many I have visited have food trucks on the premises, and will purchase from them to support small businesses especially during COVID.

Dress comfortably. I like to keep it cute, but I will often choose to wear a pair of flats with a outfit that is flowing and comfortable to keep cool such as the ones below. (Shop my looks here!)

Pack a bag with essentials. In my bag I have a blanket , sunscreen, deodorant, wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towel, face masks, and if allowed water bottles.

(My favorite items especially to support black owned business.)

Vineyards have a newly discovered option for me to get outdoors and just enjoy a glass of wine and the breathtaking views and the calming aspect of nature. My two favorite vineyards in my area is The Winery at Bull Run and Liganore Wine Cellars. Enjoy and get outdoor to soak in that Vitamin D!

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