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Words Promote Wellness and Inspire

Recently I moved into my new office at the brand new Hopper Hall building at the US Naval Academy. If you have not read my bio, I am a Military Professor at the US Naval Academy. When unpacking my things, I realized that I unconsciously have surrounded myself with words of encouragement. Anyone close to me knows that words are everywhere in my home from the moment you walk in, you see “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” said by Nelson Mandela to even in my closet I have written, “Never let anyone dull your sparkle,” plastered on the wall.

Robin Sharma says, “Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” Up until COVID, my job was where I spent at least one-third of my day, so I think I unconsciously have brought in inspiring words for myself, but also the students I teach and mentor. Those words are especially needed when I am meeting with a student that needs some encouragement to continue their journey through the Academy, and even sometimes I need them for myself when maybe I just need an extra push to teach that day.

My words in my home and office promote a positive mental state of mind which allows me to live and work productively, live up to my full potential, positively contribute to the lives of others, and also handle the stressors of life. It is important to me to fill my space to include my home and office with words that uplift and inspire myself and those I invite into my space. Words have so much power, so I challenge you to surround yourself with positive power especially on the days you need a little extra push or even for others who they may be helpful for.

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