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Tip Tuesday: Use your gifts and talents to help others!

Tip Tuesday I was having a hard time thinking of what to write, so I put this blog off to do some other things. One of those things was creating a website for my landscaper. Last month when I was featuring black owned businesses, I discovered my landscaping company, which is a black owned family run business, didn’t have a website. I offered to help created a website because it is critical in this technological age to have online reach. We did some bartering and I developed his website for his company, Dorsey and Son Landscaping LLC.

Honestly, I am not telling you this for an applause for a good job, but my tip for Tuesday is to use your gifts and talents to help others. I am fortunate enough to know html coding and have the technical capability to create a webpage, but what good is it if I am not utilizing it to help others. I offer to you, what good are your gifts if you are not using them to help others, and that does not mean for free. For example, a personal trainer charges for their services, but helping someone be healthy and fit far outweighs their hourly fee. In my instance, helping my landscaper who now has online reach to customers of which I hope will lead to business growth and eventual wealth for his family for generations is priceless to me.

So on this Tip Tuesday, use your gifts and talents to help others win and excel in life!


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