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Fitness Friday: Bike riding is a great hobby to get you moving!

As I have kick-started my fitness journey, I have realized that I needed to find a hobby that keeps me active. This has become even more critical now that I find myself working from home and my lifestyle has become very sedentary. I have a stationary bike and treadmill at home, but working from home has felt like my military deployment in that I am sleeping, eating, working, and exercising all within 2800 square feet. I needed something to get me outside the house and get me moving, so I chose bike riding.

I will be honest this hobby of bike riding took me some getting used to because I had not rode a bike since I was 15 years old, so almost two decades. I had to get used to riding, learn the gears, and even get the essential gear. Check out my blog post on the essential gear you need if you do decide to pick up bike riding.

Here are some things to consider if you want to pick up bike riding:

  1. What type of trails are available for bike riding? The All trails app can give you different paths that are available whether for road biking or mountain biking.

  2. What type of bike do you want? This is based on where you think you will be riding your bike. I live in an area that has a lot of bike trails for road bikes and also mountain bikes, so I purchased a hybrid. However, I likely will purchase a mountain bike solely for the mountain trails. I am not an expert, but I recommend finding a local bike shop or even a major chain like REI to ask their biking experts for recommendations.

  3. What bike groups are available in your area? Some groups are serious in regards they require that you be able to keep a minimum mph pace, but others are for an all inclusive community. I came across a group called Black Girls Do Bike which has chapters all over the US, and it has been great for me when I want company on my ride especially when I want to do a longer ride. I do like to ride solo also and it is great because I can clear my head and it has become a part of my self care and fitness routine.

I love riding my bike, and now trying to get all my friends to grab a bike to join me in my new hobby. Also, it is a great hobby that is family friendly, so check out my son below with his wheels! On your fitness journey, I recommend that you find a hobby that gets you moving and out the house, and bike riding is one you should consider!

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